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Disney Trip Planning: Essential Preparations 2 Months Before Your Magical Getaway Your Magical Getaway

Disney Trip Planning: Essential Preparations 2 Months Before Your Magical Getaway Your Magical Getaway

Disney Trip Planning: Essential Preparations Two Months Before Your Magical Getaway

Fastpass Reservations: Secure Your Thrilling Experiences Early

Two months before your Disney adventure, it’s crucial to snag your Fastpass reservations. As a guest staying at a Disney resort or in the Disney Springs Area, you’re eligible to book your Fastpasses 60 days in advance. Rally your family and determine which attractions are absolute must-dos. Then, mark your calendar for 7:00 AM EST on the 60th day and get ready to secure your spots! Remember to research tips and avoid common mistakes to optimize your reservation process.

Customize MagicBands: Enhance Your Convenience and Style

Complementing your Disney Resort stay is the complimentary MagicBand for each member of your group. Choose from a vibrant array of colors to match everyone’s preferences. These multi-functional bands grant access to your room, activate Fastpasses, enable purchases, and more. Customize yours in advance to receive your desired options before your trip. Keep them safe in your carry-on luggage for immediate use upon arrival at the parks.

Flights: Book Your Airfare for a Seamless Journey

For those traveling by air, securing your flights is essential. Explore reputable websites like Skyscanner and Airfarewatchdog to compare prices and find the best deals. Once you’ve chosen your flights, set up alerts to stay informed of any price fluctuations.

Online Check-In: Request Your Ideal Room Location

If staying at a Disney Resort, don’t miss the opportunity to submit two room requests online. Consider factors like proximity to the pool or a specific area of the resort. While you can make requests online, a phone call allows for more personalized assistance. For example, you can request a renovated room or a higher floor to enhance your comfort during your stay.

Set Up Magical Express: Simplify Your Airport Transportation

If flying in, take advantage of Disney’s Magical Express transportation. Visit the website or call 407-939-1936 to set up your complimentary shuttle service. This convenient system eliminates the hassle of baggage claim and ensures a smooth transition to your magical destination.

Start Considering Memory Maker: Capture Your Precious Moments

Decide whether Memory Maker is a worthwhile investment for your family. This service offers unlimited digital downloads of photos taken by Disney PhotoPass photographers throughout your vacation. If you decide to purchase, do so at least 3 days in advance to save $30. Annual pass holders can enjoy Memory Maker benefits without additional cost.

Final Payment: Plan Your Finances and Secure Your Trip

While the final payment is due a month before your trip, it’s wise to start planning now. Gather any necessary gift cards or payment options to avoid last-minute stress. Remember that Disney vacations booked directly through Disney allow for cancellations up to the day after the final payment is due. This flexible policy provides peace of mind and ensures that you won’t lose any funds if unexpected circumstances arise.

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Zora Zenith

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