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Home » Blog » The Ultimate Wine Gifts Guide: Perfect Presents for Every Wine Lover Perfect Presents for Every Wine Lover

The Ultimate Wine Gifts Guide: Perfect Presents for Every Wine Lover Perfect Presents for Every Wine Lover

The Ultimate Wine Gifts Guide: Perfect Presents for Every Wine Lover Perfect Presents for Every Wine Lover

Wine Gifts’s Gift Guide

For the Friend Who is Accident Prone

Consider gifting silicone wine glasses. These 14-ounce glasses are inexpensive, easy to clean, dishwasher safer, and perfect for any outdoor event. They’re also easy to pack up and extremely lightweight, making them a great choice for clumsy friends.

For the Friend That Loves to Cook

Give them a wine cookbook. This book contains over 70 recipes that incorporate wine into every meal, including soups, salads, appetizers, entrees, and even desserts.

For the Classier Friend

A wine decanter is a perfect choice. This beautiful decanter is perfect for the friend who likes to take their wine drinking to the next level. The wide bottom is perfectly designed to allow a full standard bottle of wine to be exposed in the carafe, allowing for maximum aeration.

The Impatient Friend

Consider a wine aerator pourer. This gadget fits right into the top of the bottle and you just pour away! It can quickly enhance the flavor of your wine, making it a great stocking stuffer.

The Friend Who Values Comfort As Much As Wine

Wine socks with a sassy saying are a great choice. These socks combine the saying with nonslip fuzzy and cozy socks, making them the perfect gift for your friend who likes to sit back and relax with a Glass in their hand.

The Friend Who Doesn’t Let Wine Go to Waste

A Vacu Vin wine saver is a perfect gift. The vacuum pump lets you remove all of the air from your wine bottle to keep it tasting fresh even after you have already opened it!

For Your Friend Who Loves Baths

Pair a glass of wine with a relaxing bath with a sip caddy holder. This cupholder comes with a suction cup attached and the holder itself can adjust to hold more than just wine.

For the Friend That Hosts Parties

Wine glass markers are a great choice for your friend who is always hosting parties. You get 7 colored markers so their guests will never lose track of which glass was theirs!

For the Friend Who is Also a Foodie

A pairing chart poster allows your friend to quickly see what food would best enhance their dinner. With over 300 pairings listed, this poster is sure to be a hit.

For the Friend Who Gets Right to the Point

A funny welcome mat is a great gift. This mat is great for anyone who’s admittance fee to their home is a bottle of wine.

For the Friend Who Likes to Do It Themselves

Consider a DIY sparkling rose wine kit. craft your own sparkling rose wine at home! You can make up to 5 bottles of your own special rose. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Your Friend on the Move

An insulated wine tote carrier holds 2 bottles in a cooler bag so your wine stays at its perfect temperature. It is padded and insulated to keep your wine bottles from breaking and well chilled.

For Your Friend Who Loves to Snack

Wine gummies are a unique and tasty gift. These gummies are all-natural, vegan, and come in your favorite varieties of wine! While there is no actual alcohol in them, this just means you can enjoy the flavors you love any time of the day. You get all three flavors; chardonnay, merlot, and rose!

For the Friend Who Packs Light

Reusable and collapsible wine bag flasks are great for anyone who wants to bring wine but hates carrying bottles. Say you are going on a hike and want to have a picnic along the way – you can fill these up with your wine and simply roll them up when you are done. They are lightweight and leak proof!

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